ATHENS, October 20th, 2015 –  “Beesness Better” which aims to help beekeepers improve their production and profitability. This project with the highest monitoring technology will permit beekeepers to track the progress of the honeybees in the beehives.

The solution enables remote data collection (e.g. beehive’s weight, sound activity,temperature, humidity, wind speed, carbon dioxide concentration) on an unprecedented scale from thousands of beehives. Each beehive monitor communicates via a monitor gateway with our remote servers. All data, which are collected and logged in our servers are further processed and reviewed by our scientific team and fed back to beekeepers in a clear and comprehensive manner.

Our scientific team will provide a bi-weekly report to the beekeepers with recommendations for more effective management of their hives. Currently, Beesness Better founders are focusing their marketing efforts on Greek market. In the near future, they plan to expand their horizons to include more European countries.

“The technology is now available and the apiculture community is ready and waiting to deploy it”.

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